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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  August 15, 2015 8:53pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> host: are there any other books? >> cry now we're publishing a book for the american read revelation the evolution but amazingly from 1982 that is the for the history of the american revolution. but this fall we are publishing a book from a woman named we ted davis. the family is jewish growing
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up with a catholic grandfather. and to fight against the not see it in world war ii but in fact, he had collaborated with the nazis and was responsible for the deaths of thousands of jews and a lithuanian village including her own family members said she was compelled. so it is her story of really the truth behind it. >> host: she is a poet. >> she has an amazingly powerful story. >> host: ag geary will publish two books. but with that whistle-blower and the insurance industry to expose them. the other one nation on the take is the story of the huge and the corrupt event of money and politics.
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it is is just the political system and washington but it affects every american day to day. so with that next year but i think for the first time for the average american the idea that they cannot pay for the amount of money spent and lastly out of the blue about one month ago i got an e-mail from tom daschle he doesn't know me at all the former senator from south dakota to say i am writing a book with senator lott. and to talk about leadership and indeed to restorer of
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leadership would you be interested? at first i thought this cannot be gm but it was. i said of course, . he said we had a whole manuscript so he said to and within three days we bought it and it doesn't have a title yet with the working title is did our hands but the title will change out in january. and it is a brilliant book actually. these two who are diametrically opposed politically and lead their party starring the clinton years in the senate and after always found a way even though they disagree to work across the aisle together to find a solution. that was their trademark. the bipartisanship with government is their big theme. and is a prize is people they are such good friends but this is the principle of the issue that really matters to them to restore
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the dignity of the senate. to show that the partisan conflicts of the past to get through which again. >> host: why did he contact you? >> i have no idea. i have not asked him yet but that will be the first question out of my mouth. i am fascinated. i don't know. i cannot see the recent but i am glad that he did. is a terrific book and we are very excited to publish it. years ago we published stories of the big governor -- the mcgovern books. i can imagine from that that is the only explanation i could give you. it was a great serendipitous thing that happens. >> host: looking at the
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upcoming books by george gibson.
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>> battle think we do them any favors. those have made major mistakes. and had major problems. if more people saw us to make them fallible and foldable so maybe there would not be quite so cynical about that.
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>> today's speaker lectured four years ago. his


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